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TodoOpen is a company based on the heart of south america - Bolivia - in La Paz, with almost 3600 mts above the sea level, La Paz is where you can lift your arms and touch the sky. The perfect place to start a company with unique sense of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Specializing in web application development for companies moving to the cloud and companies that want to innovate or create unique solutions and products.

We work with great passion and this has made of our abilities an immense wealth. We share it!

Nicolai Carlo Abruzzese Aguirre

Operations Manager and Founder

Nicolai Carlo Abruzzese Aguirre

Operations Manager and Founder

Software Engineer. Passionate, Ethic, Philanthropist, Husband and father of three.

Andrei Abruzzese Aguirre

Sales Manager

Andrei Abruzzese Aguirre

Sales Manager

Engineer, entrepreneur, family man.

Our working environment

We treasure human being and the art of Software craftsmanship.

Self centered.

Organization is a state of mind.

Code end to end.

We encourage the code to be delivered with the most high standards of quality from end to end - development to production.

Trust and values.

Professionalism and responsibility in all your actions.

La Paz, Bolivia
P.O.Box/Casilla: 23617 - San Miguel
US/Canada: +1 315 791-7807
Bolivia: +591 272-4788
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